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Mistake is temporary regret but missing is the forever one.


Heartless laugh, was the best thing that I have.没心没肺的笑,是我拥有的最美好的东西。

A wise man never loses anything if he has hilf. 聪明的人只要能掌握自己,便什么也不会失去。

Only his strong enough, will not be trampled. 只有自己足够强大,才不会被别人践踏。

I want to love you all the time. 我要的爱无非你们一直都在。

She was like the moon - part of her was always hidden away. 她就像月亮,总有一部分,我看不到。

Be real with me, or just leave me alone. 真诚待我,否则就请离我远点儿。

Look at the man with time and heart, not with your eyes.——用时间和心看人,而不是用眼睛。

My irrepressible fear to be afraid to go timid.我抑制不住的惶恐,害怕和胆怯。

I would not say love, but I said is true ]我不会说情话,但我说的都是真心话.

No one and you. 无人及你

Let life be beautiful like summer flowers,death like autumn leaves. 使生如夏花般绚烂,死如秋叶般静美。

Lose you win the world and how . 输了你赢了天下又如何

No hurry, the best always appears accidentally. 不要着急,最好的总是会在不经意的时候出现。

Smile while you still have teeth 微笑吧趁现在还有牙齿

If love is the representative of the happiness, that what is happiness.如果说爱情是幸福的代表,那幸福又是什么。

I am not greed but I envy [ 我没有贪婪我羡慕海枯石烂 ]

No one actually grows up. We just grow old. 没有人能真正长大,我们只是在变老而已。

青春就是疯狂地奔跑,然后华丽地跌倒。Youth is crazy to run, and then gorgeous to fall

Mad laughter follows the drought of tears. 透支了眼泪,我们便会没心没肺的笑。

Ever of lover, now the passers-by 【曾经的恋人,如今的路人】

Do not realize too much which will let you down.不要知道得太多,会难过。

Time cures all wounds 时间治愈所有创伤

If I say leave me alone,actually I need you more than at any time. 如果我说我想一个人静一静,

I love you already tired.爱你的我已经累了

I love you even if you fall in love with another of her.我喜欢你 哪怕你爱上了另一个她

The past is all gone.Being happy is the top priority. 过去了就过去了,重要的是自己要快乐。

Love is not hard to find, trust is. 难找的不是爱,是信任。

Girl do not lose loving you 姑娘别拼命给爱

Your cold like an introvert .[你冷淡得像一个内向者]

If this is not the end if I still love you 如果这不是结局如果我还爱你。

Sure certain and affirmation, I already fell in love with you.确定一定以及肯定,我已经爱上你。

Everything in life is temporary, even bad days and sleepless night. 生活中的所有一切都只是暂时的,包括乌云密布的日子以及一个个


Without you I can also live well every day. 没你我也可以过好每一天。

No amount of discourse is sadness for the prelude 再多的话语都是以悲伤为前奏

有些爱不用说比情人付出得更无所求 Some love less than lover pay more for nothing

With a forced laugh,only oneself know how tired .勉强笑着,只有自己知道有多累。

I want us to be together. 我要我们在一起。

Every time a good night, feeling each other is feelings. 每一次晚安,感受着彼此的情感。

You can smile, but not empathy 可以微笑,却无法感同身受

I miss the old days. 我想念过去的日子。

If you never chase your dream, you will never catch them. 若不去追逐梦想,你将永远无法抓住梦想。

I want to cry, but my pride told me not to.我想哭泣,可是我的骄傲告诉我不可以

I need him like I need the air to breathe. 我需要他就像我需要呼吸空气一样。

I have no sense of security,because I love you too.[我没有安全感,是因为我太爱你]

Every little kindness you show me would shake my determination.你对我的一点点好,都会动摇我的决心。

I really want to be with you right now. 此时此刻,我真想和你在一起。

Dear music, thank you for being there when nobody else was. 亲爱的音乐, 谢谢你在我孤独时,永远伴我

There is no love queen of the world.女王的世界里没有爱情。

Time such as water, always silent. If you are well, it is sunny. 时光如水,总是无言。若你安好,便是晴天。

to be or not to be ,that is a question.生存还是毁灭,这是个值得考虑的问题。

Move feeling,Into the heart (动了情,入了心)

If you begin to remember, while I began to forget.。

Smile when it hurts most. 最痛苦的时候,请微笑。

Happy Ending Would Be My 。美好的结局会是我的。

Never let your fear decide your future. 别让你的恐惧决定了你的未来。

I love you because I need you ,but because I want you . 我爱你不是因为我想要你,而是我需要你。

Is missing you in the dream.在梦里想着你

justin bieber的霸气无人能及

I can only love you one, because I have only got a full of love.我只能爱你一次因为我只有一次完整的爱。

One day I will be at the heart proud to tell you things.有天,我会指着心脏 骄傲的告诉你,这里换人了。

You never leave my heart. 你从不曾离开我的心.

Finally understand,I really do not。(终于明白,原来我真的什么都不是。)

I just want to catch your hand tightly, running forward together. 我只想紧紧抓住你的手,一起向前奔跑。

The warm smile,if the quality. 微笑向暖,安之若素。

Did anyone tell you that your smile looks so charming .~有没有人告诉过你,你笑起来很美。

Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive. 要记得为那些让你觉得活着真好的事情腾出时间。

I love the young like a song. 我爱的少年如歌。

从少不更事到心思缜密是一个薄凉的过程 From youth to careful is a thin cool process

I prefer simple refused to elaborate. 比起敷衍,我更喜欢简单的拒绝。

If you want the best the world has to offer, offer the world your best. 你若想得到这世界最好的东西,先得让世界看到最好的你。

No true heart,no broken heart. 没有掏心掏肺,就不会撕心裂肺。

I will remember you forever - 永远记住我

Fish forget seven seconds, people forget to seven years 鱼忘七秒,人忘七年。

Who travels for love finds a thousand miles not longer than one. 在爱人眼里,一千里的旅程不过一里。

Memory will fade, but my heart will go on 记忆总会褪色,而我心依旧。

I like you, but I dare not say 我喜欢你,但我不敢说

Act like a lady, think like a man. 像淑女一样处事,像爷们儿一样思考。

A friend is someone with whom you dare to be yourself. 朋友就是那些你敢在他们面前做自己的人

Best friend, a beautiful word!闺蜜,一个唯美的名词!

All things are difficult before they are easy. 所有事在变得容易之前,都是困难的。

When someone else’s happiness is your happiness, that is love. 当一个人的幸福成为你的幸福时,那就是真爱。

The sea is not blue, I would not be. 海不会不蓝,我不会不在。

At that time I, also sun than now.那时候的我,比现在还阳光。

Open natural smile, must put down garments.想开了自然微笑,看透了肯定放下。

At least in my show time, I try my best to love you.至少在属于我出场的时间里,曾拼尽全力爱过你。

Lure Over Love(诱惑人的东西毁掉了感情)

You can fake a smile, but you can not fake your feelings. 你可以强颜欢笑,但你无法欺骗自己

As long as I tried my best, I have no regrets.只要我尽力了,就没有遗憾。

Listen, I am not fat ok, I am just so sexy that it overflows. 听着!我不胖好吗!我只是性感得流油而已!

Love is making you go bananas. 恋爱把你变得疯疯癫癫的。

Let the time tell the truth. 任由时间说真话

Put aside all Facing the misunderstanding to keep cool.抛开所有面对误解保持冷静。

Behind every girl’s favorite song, there is an untold story.每个女孩最喜欢的歌背后,都有一个没讲述的故事。

I need him like I need the air to breathe.(我需要他,正如我需要呼吸空气。)